10 Tips to Enjoy ZappCon this Weekend

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ZAPPCON TIME by Caleb Paullus

ZAPPCON TIME by Caleb Paullus

10 tips to enjoy your weekend at ZappCon.

Try something new: Try a new game, learn a new skill or ask someone about their favorite fandom.

Plan your schedule ahead of time http://zappcon2015.sched.org/

Include meal times when you plan: Your badge allows you unlimited re-entry.

Bring cash -some exhibitors do not take credit cards.

Bring a camera, #zappcon and find Zapp, you can’t miss her huge smile.

Bring your kiddos, we have a Kids Zone and Little Zapp’s Kids Cosplay Contest on Sunday. For each badge two kids 10 and under are free-(ages two and under are not counted)

Remember almost every activity is free of charge once you have your badge. CCG games are the main exception because you have to purchase cards/entry to play.

Parking at the Fresno Convention Center is $7 a day. Parking outside of the immediate area is free (between O and L and between Ventura and Tulare, parking charges will be enforced [carpool- don’t walk alone after hours]). Here’s a map.

Personal space. We all might get real close together while gaming or taking pictures- don’t forget your deodorant (just keeping it real).

Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Be aware and stay safe Zappers. See our Cosplay Policy.

Badge sales online have ended (You can still get any type of badge at the door. $25 for one day, $35 for two days- processing fees apply) with the exception of Magic the Gathering State Championship Badges which will be online until Wednesday October 14, 2015.

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