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We’d love to have you a part of the ZappCon family. If you want to be a part of ZappCon’s year three, October 15-16, 2016, fill out the form below and submit it. We’ll contact you with training and con information.
Zappers will handle everything from the registration desk to peace bonding cosplay weapons. GMs, also volunteering their time, should also fill out the form below.

We’re looking for helpful, cheerful, and dependable people from Friday night set up through Sunday night tear down. Volunteers must be 18 or older. You will also be expected to attend at least one training day in the fall (two or more will be offered at different times).

Bonuses you get:
– Zappers for 4 or more hours keep their shirts and buttons
– For 4 hours you earn a day pass (for the day of your shift)
– For every 4 hour block you earn one priority registration for a con-sponsored game
– Put in 8 hours and you’ll earn a two day badge given to you at the convention.

Not being available for your assigned shift after accepting your voucher will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and you will not be invited to help again. We’re going to have event and the schedules done as soon as possible; however, these won’t be done until we get closer to the con (think late August or September). But remember, the earlier you register, the better chance you have of getting the sweet, sweet position you’re hoping for.


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