ZAPP Premieres at Comikaze – and More Cosplay!

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Los Angeles’s Comikaze marked the in person introduction of ZAPP – the living embodiment of ZAPPCON. Here she is – cosplayed by Samantha Terry. But Zapp wasn’t the only cosplayer out in full effect on Comikaze Day 1. Here are some other amazing creations that we saw on the show floor.

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Fresno Is Ready for Its Own Comicon

Posted on October 28, 2013 by Sarah Gonzales No Comments

Fresno has it all: colleges, professional athletes, award winning schools and teams, famous actors- heck, we’ve even been named an All American City. In Fresno, we think 90 degrees is picnic weather. If we really want to do something, you can’t hold us back. Despite the heat, we dress up, go to parades, fairs, concerts, […]

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Posted on October 18, 2013 by MJ Ramirez No Comments

I’ve been asked a few questions since my friends and I took on the challenge to bring a geek convention to the Central Valley.  Why Fresno? Why now? WHY ZAPPCON? ZAPP started as a simple idea, I wanted to bring something fun to this area. I wanted to share my passion for what I love […]

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How to Stay on Top of the Zapp Happenings

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As we announce new guests, special workshops and gaming tournaments, you’ll want to be in the loop. That’s why we’ve made it easy to become a Zapper and get all the news while its happening. Click here to join our email list We’re also staying busy on social media. Check out our Facebook page, Twitter, […]

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