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IMG_4506EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION for 2015 is open!

We’re planning for the Central Valley’s geekiest event: ZappCon!

Year Two’s convention will be October 17 and 18 and once again held in Fresno’s downtown Valdez Hall.


Once again this comics, gaming, cosplay and more convention will focus on a family friendly event. We’ll welcome back some favorite guests from 2014 as well as bring in more talent to share in the fun.

We’d love for you to be a part of ZappCon. Now’s the time to confirm a vendor spot or sponsor a guest or event. There are plenty of ways to get in front of the Valley’s geekiest consumers. Please register at Exhibitors.

If you have suggestions for this year’s festivities, please let us know! We’re busy hunting down artists, finding game designers and scheduling the most fun we can. Your ideas will make ZappCon even better.


David, Jennifer, Sammy & Sarah

ZappCon Board




ZappCon 2014 Round Up

# Attendees: 1,400

# Vendors and Artists: 90
Convention program:

ZappCon 2014 brought the geek out in Central California. More than 1,400 people joined in the fun and 90 artists and vendors support the convention. Cosplay and costuming were extremely popular, with dozens of contestants in the showcase and dozens more just enjoying the scene.

Popular panels and lectures included the Geeks with Wives live podcast, nerdy crochet with Megan’s Mess, learning how to create a comic with Eben Burgoon, learning to use Worbla by cosplayer CSprankleRun and using comics in education with teachers and professors from the area.


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