Booth Registration


Large Vendor Booth:
Booth rentals will be for the entire two day event. Each booth includes one (1) (8’ by 24”) table, two (2) chairs and two (2) badges. Each booth space is ten feet by ten feet with pipe and drape back drop. There will be a Fifty Dollar ($50) per booth discount for each additional booth over the first for each Exhibitor. Note that corner space includes two tables.

Small Vendor Table (formerly Small Press/Artists’ Alley Table):
Each small vendor table includes one (1) (6’ by 30”) table, one (1) chair and one (1) badge. Each small press/artist alley space is six feet by five feet with no back drop. A limited number of corner tables are available for purchase. Note the corner table space includes one (1) (6’ by 30”) table and one (1) (4′ by 30″) short table.

Additional vendor badges, max two (2) can be purchased along with electricity.

Large Vendor Booth $250

Small Vendor Table $80

Large vendor booths are closer to the entrance and are also first come, first serve, for placement.
Small vendor tables are placed further back in the main hall and are first come, first serve, for placement.
Sharing or subletting spaces is allowed with expressed permission of ZAPPCON LLC.
For terms and conditions visit By purchasing a booth the exhibitor agrees to the Exhibitor Terms set by ZAPPCON LLC.

Privacy Policy

Once your payment is received you will receive an email with a link to register for ZAPPCON within 5 business days.

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