Exhibitor Details

ZAPPCON Exhibitors!

Load in/Set up will be Friday, October 14th from 12:00pm to 7:00pm and Saturday, October 15th from 7:00am to 9:45am.

Your booth must be ready to go by 9:45am on Saturday
The loading door in the hall will close at 9:45am on Saturday, so please make sure you have finished before then.

As our little thank you for joining us this year there will be food and drink on us at the Day Zero event. Day Zero is located at Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden just a short walk from the convention center. This is an all ages free event that is open to the public from 7:00pm to 9:00pm Friday night. 745 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721. See the event on Facebook.

The exhibitor hall is open from 10:00am to 6:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am to 4:00pm on Sunday, October 16th. You’re required to have your booth “manned” at all times while the floor is open.

You may not close down or leave before 4:00pm on Sunday. Our attendees have paid to attend this convention and the opportunity to purchase your goods.
There will be an all ages, free, and open to the public after party at Bitwise from 8:30pm to 11:30pm. 700 Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA 93721. Facebook.

When it comes to your space, feel free to do what you like as long as you stay in your assigned space, don’t interfere with your neighbors, and stay appropriate for all ages.

If you are displaying something that is deemed inappropriate we will ask you to take it down. If you have product for mature audiences you may sell it, but check with a staff member before doing so.

You may not have a canopy or tent in your space- it is against fire code.
There is a volunteer / exhibitor lounge upstairs at the end of the hall. There will be water and snacks available while supplies last.

All exhibitor spaces come with the following:

10×10 booth
1 – 8′ table with a black vinyl top and black skirt
2 – chairs
2 – badges
8′ black drape behind the booth
3′ black drape between the booths
10×10 Corner
Everything that is included in the 10×10 booth with one more 8′ table that has black vinyl and skirt
Small Exhibitor table / Artist Alley Table
1 – 6×5 table space
1 – 6′ table with black vinyl and skirt
1 – chair
1 – badge
Small Corner / Artist Alley Corner
Everything that is included in the Small exhibitor space plus a 4′ table with black vinyl and skirt

Extra badges may be purchased for $25 that come with a chair. Small exhibitor tables and Artist Alley spaces may only have a maximum of 2 chairs.

If you purchased multiple spaces you will get everything that is included in each space.

From Friday to Sunday please do not expect us to answer emails or Facebook messages. We will try our best to reply, but with running the convention and being on-site the entire time we most likely will be able to speak in person before we check our emails.

Thank you,

The ZAPPCON board David, Jennifer, Sammy, and Sarah