Fresno Is Ready for Its Own Comicon

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Zapp ConFresno has it all: colleges, professional athletes, award winning schools and teams, famous actors- heck, we’ve even been named an All American City.

In Fresno, we think 90 degrees is picnic weather. If we really want to do something, you can’t hold us back. Despite the heat, we dress up, go to parades, fairs, concerts, pub crawls, sport games, farmers markets, Art Hop and more. We are a town of geeks, and if we aren’t geeks, we’re gamers, if we aren’t gamers, we’re cinephiles…the list goes on, but one thing is true: we love pop culture.

Most Fresnans live by word of mouth recommendations, so let us tell you now, from your very own, you need to mark your calendar for a Fresno comic-con coming October 2014. Put on by geeks for geeks. It will be big. We are talking comic books, serious gaming tournaments (thanks to The Crazy Squirrel), cosplay, animation, sci fi, and fantasy – all that is cool, in and out of the mainstream.

Fresnans love to play.  This central valley comic and gaming convention is long overdue and is a fun place to get together with like-minded people. With half a million people in the county, and plenty of awesomeness throughout, there is no reason for us to travel somewhere else to a fan convention to get together and celebrate our uniqueness.  One of the best things about Fresno is it serves well as a hub for the surrounding cities and your friends to easily congregate to.

 Do you think that you can only find people with your interests on the internet?  Think again!  There are thousands of people just like you that can and will come to a convention like ZappCon, especially since it’s not 8 hours away.

 You may be poorly socialized. That’s okay.

You may be a fashionable pseudo geek with dark rimmed glasses. That’s okay.

You may be quirky and awkward. That’s still okay.

 We’ve got a place for everyone! (well, a convention…and sorry, it is only a weekend…and no, you can’t stay overnight…but you can stay real late, we won’t tell…but “day guy” will really hate “night guy” come Monday morning for gaming all night at the convention).

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