Godzilla El Nino Comes to Fresno

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godzilla nino comes to fresno zappcon

Be prepared, Godzilla is coming- Godzilla NINO! Well maybe, possibly, it could happen. The last time The Doubleclicks came to Fresno, their arrival was followed by flash flooding serious enough that you can watch people kayaking in the streets in Clovis on Youtube.

One of Sammy’s nagging worries/nightmares has been that somehow ZappCon will get rained out. But not so! You intrepid heroes would never let that happen! So be prepared. It could get a little rainy. You may want to change into your cosplay once you’re at the con, but don’t let a few, or a whole lot of sprinkles hold you back from the fun and glory this weekend promises.

See you at the aftermath- peace!


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