Kratt SuperHero Carnival

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kratt carnival 043
The Kratt Elementary School Superhero Carnival started off with a WHAM last Friday!
kratt carnival 042

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth. I wish I could claim credit for the awesome skyline, but someone else came up with the idea. We were just lucky to have the masks and to be next to it.

kratt carnival 039

Super Sammy!

kratt carnival 036

kratt carnival 034

kratt carnival 032

kratt carnival 031ZappCon ran a duck pond memory/matching game for prizes.

kratt carnival 030

Baby T5 slept a little while and dreamt of Transformers.

kratt carnival 028

The “flying over the city” concept was tricky for some kids to figure out, but it looked cute all the same.

kratt carnival 029


Where were you last Friday? Did you see David at Bitwise, or were you out seeing Captain America: Civil War?

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