Special Thanks to Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound

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Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound at ZappCon

Let me take a moment to mention Sgt Brown Entertainment and Sound. DJ Sgt Brown joined with ZappCon our first year and came in full force willing to help in every way possible. We had a couple unforeseen and unavoidable events that affected our Geeky Karaoke and Game Show Quiz last year and instead of letting us cancel, Sgt Brown stepped in and made them happen-on the fly. Let me tell you his team is fairly amazing. They are willing and talented and the have joined forces with us again this year to make things bigger and better. We are so grateful for all the time, effort and energy they have put towards our rather big and ambitious venture. So put you hands together and will all give a slow clap with special thanks to Sgt Brown for making it all happen- and sound good!

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