Where is ZAPPCON?

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Dear Zappers,

We regret to inform our friends and fans that there will not be another ZAPPCON. As a board we decided to retire the convention.

We are incredibly grateful for the three years we brought the best quality convention to Fresno that we could manage. We are most grateful for everyone who worked alongside us in the community to help it happen. The creative artists, makers, and fans brought a bright spot of geekiness to the Valley and we hope that they continue to contribute to our culture here.

We will also continue to do our part. David continues to work hard in the event industry, Jennifer provides daily geek support at Crazy Squirrel Game Store, Sammy is expanding his film business Team Ro Productions and Sarah just co-authored her first Young Adult Sci-Fi novel, The Wanderer’s Curse. If you see us in the community, please say Hello.

Retiring ZAPPCON was a difficult decision; we’re all going to miss it.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

David, Jennifer, Sammy and Sarah.
ZAPPCON Board Members

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