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$RB4FL84I’ve been asked a few questions since my friends and I took on the challenge to bring a geek convention to the Central Valley.  Why Fresno? Why now? WHY ZAPPCON?

ZAPP started as a simple idea, I wanted to bring something fun to this area. I wanted to share my passion for what I love with others, and give back to the place that gave me so much. Along the way I found others, great people who pour every ounce of energy and dedication to make this little idea into a big reality.

But something happened along the way that I never expected, the support of the community. People are coming out of the woodwork to promote ZAPPCON and spread the word. The outpouring of goodwill has been nothing short of incredible.

Our tribe is growing everyday and the excitement is building. I never thought something like this would ever be possible here, but then again, never say never. The time is right for Fresno and the Central Valley to celebrate geekdom of every stripe. People are ready for this.

We want ZAPPCON to be something that people look forward to every year. We want ZAPPCON to be a place where families and friends can meet and have fun. Most of all, we want ZAPPCON to have something for everyone.

So why ZAPPCON? Because it’s about time.

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