Cosplay Policy

All attendees are invited to cosplay at ZAPPCON. Simply be nice, dress appropriately, and don’t whack anyone with your props and we’ll all have a rad weekend!

Cosplayer Interaction Policy

Be respectful and mindful of others. Request permission before touching a cosplayer or his/her costume. Cosplay is not consent. Uninvited hugging, grabbing, or roughhousing will not be tolerated.

Costume Coverage Policy

ZAPPCON is a family friendly event and standards of public decency must be adhered to by cosplayers and attendees.

ZAPPCON staff reserves the right to judge what is considered decent and appropriate in attire. If your costume is deemed indecent or inappropriate, you will be asked to change or cover yourself satisfactorily. Body paint is allowed but must be worn cautiously.

Underwear only, nudity, and adult themed paraphernalia are not permitted.

Please do not include elements that will shed from your costume. Do not damage walls and other surfaces, especially other costumes. We will have a cosplay repair station available.

Appropriate footwear is required at all times.

If you are concerned your costume will not meet our policy please submit a photo via e-mail to no later than Sept. 15 for approval.

Signs Policy

Only signs intrinsically related to your costume are allowed, solicitations are not.

Weapon Policy

All weapons and props must be inspected by security upon entering the convention. If your weapon or prop is found in violation to the ZAPPCON weapon policy you will be asked to return it to your car or hotel room. Items may be held by ZAPPCON staff for a fee.

Permitted weapons or props include toy weapons made out of wood, foam or plastic. Empty water guns and Nerf guns are also allowed. ALL GUNS MUST BE ORANGE TIPPED. Toy bows and arrows are allowed as long as the arrows are not pointed and the bow string is incapable of launching projectiles. Other props and items will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

No live weapons, active or disabled, will be permitted including but not limited to real firearms, paint ball guns, bb guns, pellet guns, or air soft guns. Bow and crossbows capable of launching projectiles will not be permitted. Swords made of metal are not allowed. If you purchase a sword during the con, be prepared to return it to your vehicle or hotel room. Items may be held by ZAPPCON staff for a fee.

Once approved, you must wield your weapons and props responsibly. Be aware of your surroundings. Any person discovered using his/her cosplay accessories in a reckless or dangerous manner will be asked to remove the item from the convention. ZAPPCON can store such items for a fee.

For questions or concerns contact us at

Failure to comply with staff directives and policies listed above will result in badge confiscation. Badges will not be refunded.

ZAPPCON is not liable for damage or theft of stored items.

Privacy Policy